If your business gives broad volumes of data, for instance, motion pictures, pictures, or music titles on the Internet, kvhelp is the benefit of encouraging assistant for you. We do not simply outfit you with the required volume of information move limit and unlimited action for spouting, s, gaming, gatherings, online courses, etc. We in like manner offer you the specific mastery and the system of a business area pioneer in submitted encouraging for over ten years.


very server from kvhelp goes with a gave 1 Gbit/s port which, when coordinated with the Volume Plus 1000 plan, can be used to misuse vast movement to no end out of pocket. Despite when you select the Volume Plus 500 game plan with 500 Mbit/s data transmission, you can regardless use the full 1.000 Mbit/s in 5% of the month to month accounting period because of the Performance-Boost.


The overall fast spine of our watchman association, PlusServer AG, has a total cutoff of in excess of 550 Gbit/s. It is direct connected with the most basic providers and the greatest European exchange centers, which means all data groups can be immediately shipped on the briefest courses. As the framework has been arranged with various redundancy, you can benefit by in any event 99.9% availability.

Data Center

Your data is amazingly verified in both our ultra-present day server cultivates in the USA and Europe. Our intricate security structure and totally dull establishment guarantee that. In like manner, the server ranches are ideally connected with central zones. That is the reason we can offer our customers quick encouraging wherever all through the world. By a long shot predominant, the European server ranch, datadock, is the greenest server ranch in Europe.


Simply real brand name server gear is used as a piece of all server offers. This has the purpose of inclination that all servers are speedy and reliable, in light of the way that all parts are intentionally picked and proposed for server activity. You can similarly investigate a broad assortment of hardware things at kvhelp to ensure your encouraging course of action is accurately a solid match for your necessities and your money related arrangement.


Our practiced reinforce gathering is alongside all of you day and throughout the night free of expense – seven days of the week, every day of the year and in excess of ten lingos. Notwithstanding different things, we guarantee you a hardware exchange within four hours so you can quickly reestablish the availability of your organizations. Furthermore, our encouraging masters are at your organization for all request concerning the item joined into your server pack.